Flight Studies

In April 2021 I was honored to be release this series along with more than 35 pioneering digital artists in coordinated NFT drop on support of #cleanNFT, to accelerate NFT transition to low-energy blockchain.

This series is made with glsl shader code and the pre-cinematographic images of Eadweard Muybridge. The chromatic aberration produced by lenses is added synthetically, through the use of shader code, to denote the double edge of our attention, which is both a magnifier and a target.

More than a century later, the rise of cryptocurrency based on proof of work represents a danger for our already collapsing environment. The lens turns on us. Our eye, our appetite for images, data, and content, puts us in danger at a horizon distance our short sight can't foresee. Many of us, like the birds flying free, don't realize the invisible cage of our possible destiny.

FlightStudies 001: single ed., minted in April 2021 and acquired Zack Lieberman

FlightStudies 002: single ed., minted in April 2021

FlightStudies 003: ed. of 9, minted in April 2021

FlightStudies 004: ed. of 33, minted in April 2021

Upcycled Displays

To suport the clean art works, this serie was reales on a physical framed screen repurposed from e-waste

These are minimalist objects of contemplation made from e-waste and elevated through art. Old LCDs are diverted from landfills. Inspired by the anti-industrial spirit of the Arts & Crafts movement, different disciplines are combined, letting emerge from the metal, wood, and software a new object with a soul of its own.

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This series of works was produced for The FEN, a coordinated CleanNFT drop initiated by curator Juliette Bibasse, visual artist Joanie Lemercier and more than 35 pioneering digital media artists in response to the outrageous greenhouse-gas emissions of CryptoArt releases on the Ethereum blockchain (PoW).

Our goal was to encourage the community to transition their NFTs to a low-energy platform, such as hic et nunc (Tezos Blockchain, PoS). Minting an NFT on hic et nunc has associated emissions equivalent to an email.

As part of this project, The FEN invited each creative to donate 10% of the proceeds to a project of their choice (local project, NGO, activism, etc..).”

For more information please visit thefen.io

Artists include: beesandbombs (Dave Whyte), Memo Akten, Myriam Bleau, Mike Brondbjerg, Cinzia Campolese, Alex J. Champandard, Raphael de Courville, Ali M Demirel, Cadie Desbiens, Zai Divecha, Diane Drubay, Saskia Freeke, Nettrice Gaskins, Han, Auriea Harvey, Mario Klingemann, Joanie Lemercier, Golan Levin, LIA,  Zach Lieberman, Shantell Martin, Kelly Richardson, RubenFro, Helena Sarin, Sasha Stiles, Patrick Tresset, Mike Tyka, Universal Everything, Patricio Gonzalez Vivo and Addie Wagenknecht