Skylines II

Machine that prints the large-scale transitions of the horizon on a path from the city to the mountains. While Skyline #01 sees through the flow of the time, Skyline #02 expands our perception of space .



This series of projects is about awareness. It is about the tools and techniques we use to see the world around us.

These projects were part of an ongoing process of investigation during my last year as a Parson's MFA DT student and they are presented as three explorations around the theme of skylines.

We look at the horizon and see a skyline, the place where the earth and sky touch. This contour is the confluence of time and space. The landscape is in constant change and fluctuation; it is shaped over time by forces like erosion and human desire. This skyline is also defined by the particular position of the observer - seeing through technical devices allows us to look beyond our perception into different qualities of time and space.

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