Collaboration with [FakeLove](" target="_blank") and the artist [Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic](" target="_blank"), to create a mesmerizing experience for the prestigious [SCOPE Arts Show in NYC](" target="_blank"). Entitled “Atramentum,” the digital experience would be the first and last thing guests encountered at the Pavilion. At first glance, “Atramentum” is an imposing black monolith that appears to be hovering in the middle of the room. As they draw closer, however, guests discover that they can venture inside the imposing structure. Once inside, vistors find themselves reflected on all sides, giving an ethereal sense of infinite space and groundlessness. The guests become key elements in the creation of generative artwork and interactive soundscapes that dynamically take over the space.

True to Aerosyn-Lex’s artistic penchant for sweeping calligraphic forms, visitors’ forms and movements become the basis of ink-like visualizations that are recorded and broadcast to floating arches elsewhere at the show. The large impressions thus serve as living vignettes of each guest’s journey through and experience within the art installation.

The visual development was done openFrameworks together a series of GLSL Shaders for the optical flow, fluid simulation and other visual effects.